When I was working in International Organizations I met many colleagues whose spouses stopped working after having children. One of the obstacles was the integration in a new country and the language barrier.

That’s why after a first workshop last week on practical tools to ↪️go back to work after a career break I am pleased to let you know that there will be an ENGLISH session on Tuesday 26th February at 9am ??!!

✅ Objectives Gain practical tools ? to enable you to find the career path that best defines you and turn your experience as a parent into a professional asset ??

✅ Programme

➡️ Floriance, founder of 360 Impulse, will share how to enjoy excellence as a parent and no longer strive for parental perfection

➡️Myself, Pauline, founder of The Working Mums will speak about the ways to decrease the mental load and how to turn motherhood into a professional skill

➡️ This event organizer David, Consciousness Coach, will explain how to use the balance between the feminine and masculin

Thanks Laura Wendenburg for those amazing drawing you did LIVE during last week event ?? and Jennifer to welcome us in your Bibi Cafe ?